MS Technology
The doer of graphene applications

Mingshuo (Beijing) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Dongxu?Optoelectronic?Technology Co., Ltd.(stock code 000413), is a national high-tech enterprise possessing the core technology of RLCP-based graphene composites. It is specialized in providing high-power LED-lighting equipment and integrated lighting solutions, as well as the widespread application of graphene composites in other subject fields.

Our core competitive edges for our sustainable development lie in graphene, Intelligent Manufacturing, and IoT, and thus our products and services fundamentally feature quality and convenience.

Members of MS Technology are practically and persistently committed to the applications of graphene composites and energy-saving businesses, while promoting the big-data operation industry as an innovative leader in the future of cities.

Strive to shape every product into an industry model.
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